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NCLM Branding

​​Our New Brand

For more than a century, the North Carolina League of Municipalities has been the trusted voice for cities and towns. That’s why today more than 540 municipal governments of all sizes stand together as League members.

But a lot has transpired since the League’s founding as a federation of cities in 1908, and our collective success is rooted in our ability to evolve with the times. We’re still the League you know and trust, but with a fresh approach for today. It comes with a new logo, a new tagline, and a strengthening of values.

The Rebranding Process

The rebranding process began last year with a comprehensive look at the League’s history, standards, services and what they mean for

municipalities today. We worked with award-winning branding professionals, conducted indepth research, and involved municipal leaders to best capture what our members, and the state as a whole, expect from us.

This researach guided our brand strategy and helped us zero in on the messaging and look and feel that represents our diverse collective of cities and towns.

NCLM Logo_RGB-blue.pngOur logo is a visual representation of the League’s purpose. It conveys energy and progress while remaining true to our sense of stability and strength. The overlapping squares of various sizes represent the diversity of cities and towns, working together to achieve their goals and improve life for all in North Carolina.

Tagline.PNGOur tagline is a brief encapsulation of our purpose. It demonstrates the value of League members’ shared resources and recognizes that we are stronger when we work together. Through a variety of services, the League’s ultimate goal is to be one voice working for a better North Carolina.

Enhanced mission and values statements that reflect our past and shape our future 

Our Mission

The North Carolina League of Municipalities is a memberdriven organization representing the interests of cities and towns in the state. Through their collective efforts, League member cities and towns better serve their residents and improve quality of life.

For more than 100 years, the League has been one voice for cities and towns working for a better North Carolina.

Our Values

Working together as one, the cities and towns of the North Carolina League of Municipalities will be guided by our commitment to:

  • Service: We trust in the effectiveness of cities and towns, led by locally-elected officials, to craft solutions that improve quality of life.
  • Self-determination: We believe in the ability of all cities and towns to pursue their own visions of their futures.
  • Inclusiveness: We value every member, the diversity of all, and the diverse nature of each member city and town and their citizenry.
  • Collaboration: We believe in working together in ways that enhance all cities and towns, through promotion of best practices, and imparting knowledge and expertise.
  • Responsiveness: We focus on the needs of North Carolinians, answering to the people in meaningful ways that affect their everyday lives.